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Normal or Mental Disorder? Diagnosis?

Determine whether the person has a mental disorder. If so, what disorder? Be specific.

1. A woman suddenly became overwhelmed with intense fear when walking down the aisles of the supermarket. Her head swirled, her heart pounded. She left her cart right where it was and ran out of there. She had no idea what was happening to her.

2. Sandy and cleanliness were made for each other. She feels contaminated unless she bathes and changes clothes at least four times a day. Sandy is meticulous about the house as well. Every room is scrubbed at least twice a week and the bathroom is taken care of three times a day.

3. Everything I see, say or do seems pointless. Things drag on and on. I'm exhausted, dead inside. I want to sleep all the time, to escape somehow. Friends tell me, "You'll get over it," but they don't know how I feel. It's been like this for weeks. And it'll probably go on like this forever.

4. At first it was as if part of my brain awoke. I made no attempt to understand what was happening, but felt that there was some overwhelming significance in all of this, produced either by God or Satan. I felt duty-bound to ponder on each "sign" that any stranger could give me. Every face in the window of a passing streetcar would be engraved on my mind, all of them concentrating on me and trying to pass me some sort of message.

5. A well-known public figure feels very uneasy when viewing bath water running down the drain. If no one else is at home to pull the plug for him after a bath, he manages to pull it out and then makes a mad dash for the door, while his heart pounds and he sweats profusely.

6. The case study described a woman who, quite routinely, five times daily, would give her body a thorough thirty-minute tactile and visual examination. She used a magnifying glass to examine her skin and a mirror to observe every part of her body. "Her rapport with her body was absolute and awesome to behold." Yet this woman was quite satisfied with her life and career, not concerned about her preoccupation with her body, nor did she run to physicians to obtain cures for her supposed illnesses.        

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