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Which defense mechanism is being described? Choose from the following (a defense mechanism might be used more than once):

reaction formation

1. Every week the preacher talked about how he saw sinners left and right. It turned out that the sinner was straight ahead--in the mirror!

2. Charles tells his girlfriend that he doesn't have a drinking problem, and that he could give up his daily six-pack of beer if he wanted to.

3. Jim is attracted to other men, but tells himself that he hates all homosexuals.

4. Whenever she gets around boys, Julie gets really nervous, giggles and acts silly.

5. Chris was the only witness to a terrible fire in which several people were seriously injured. Several days later, however, Chris is unable to remember much when questioned by a reporter.

6. The boss kicks the employee, the employee kicks her kid, the kid kicks the dog, the dog kicks the cat, the cat kicks the mouse, and the mouse kicks the cheese.

7. Jane was a very aggressive person until she began to vent her hostility on the volleyball court. Now she is more relaxed.


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