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Use the Experimental Method to design an imaginary study testing the effect of some variable on behavior. In your experiment, you will formulate a hypothesis, draw conclusions, and report it. Be sure you are NOT using the Correlational Method.

Some possible ideas to test (or make up your own)
--Coffee improves memory.
--Thin dogs live longer.
--Laughing is good for your health.
--More studying results in better grades.

1) State your hypothesis. The easiest format is:
If....(treatment), then .......(consequences).

2) What is the operational definition of the independent variable? What is the operational definition of the dependent variable. Be specific.

3) How will participants be selected and put into the experimental and control groups?

4) What is being done to the experimental group? The control group?

5) What are the results? (Make them up.) Also, draw a simple graph.

6) What conclusions can be drawn from your results? What limitations might your conclusions have? Are there any extraneous variables that should be considered? What flaws might your worse enemy discover?