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Biological Psychology


Jan 22, 2010 Note



1) Next week we will cover Behavioral Genetics, including watching "Dogs & More Dogs", a NOVA program (see link).

Below is a worksheet you will need to complete in-class after viewing the film. Please print this out & bring it to class.

2) Be sure you have read Chap 1 in your textbook.


Dr. Hu




Name: __________________________             Date:_____________________________



Nova: Dogs and More Dogs

Key Terms:


DNA, genes, chromosomes

Structural genes vs. regulatory (operator) genes

Gene pool, mutations, genetic diversity

Phenotype vs. genotype

Evolution, Natural selection vs. selective breeding

Dominant vs. recessive

Inherited vs. acquired traits

Behavioral genetics




1) What are the two theories about the evolution of dogs?









2) How can inbreeding harm a breed? How can it help a breed?







3) What are the benefits of research using dogs?








4) If you cloned your dog, would the offspring be exactly like your dog? Why or why not?